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Short of space? ‘Dinnae Fash Yersel and Keep Yer Heid’ translates the popular ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ propaganda and motif into Scots.

Longer space to fill? Dinnae Fash Yersel and Keep Yer Heid translates the popular Keep Calm and Carry On propaganda into contemporary Scots. The UK Government propaganda effort at the beginning of the 2nd World War was rather short lived and nothing like as widely known as it is today. We continue the tradition of borrowing great ideas and making them our own in the hope that you will want to share and own some of Dinnae Fash too.

Couthie and Dinnae Fash are brands now owned by D&C Supplies. We are a wee company based in Scotland. We have a long standing reputation for cheeky and humorous cards. Now we have successfully launched a number of gift ranges. We work mainly with Scottish designers, but don’t let that stop you getting in touch. We are happy to talk with press, investors and fans alike. Get over to our facebook page.

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